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Naruto smiled as he lay back on the soft covers of the massive bed. The scarlet velvet covers outlined his body. Naruto felt safe, a little lonely but safe. His delicious body was hidden by a black yukata with red stitching that made a heart on the left side of his chest. His clothing hung loosely over his beautiful body. His lover, Kyuubi had just left to get Naruto some food. Naruto would admit, he was absolutely spoiled, loved and adored by the prince.

Kyuubi was prince of demons. People were terrified of him. Naruto's old village Konoha had wanted to give Kyuubi a sacrifice so that he would not kill them. Naruto was a homeless boy, unloved and uncared for. Konoha picked him because no one would miss him when he was gone. They had carved whisker like marks into the sixteen-year-olds cheeks, three on each side before leaving him in the forest to wait. Naruto was petrified at first. He didn't want to be a sex toy, nor did he want to die. But-

Naruto was thrown out of him thoughts when a door creaked open. Naruto brought his attention to the side of the room where a door was opening and someone was stepping in. The person was remarkably attractive to be correct. He had shaggy red hair that framed his heart-shaped face and ruby eyes. His fiery hair slightly hid the orange ears that were colored black on the inside. His clothing was a beautiful red yukata that looked like it was made out of the finest silk. It held black stitching that made a heart of the right side of his chest. He had an orange tail poking out of the yukata. He held a tray that held a bowl of ramen, a small plate with rice balls and a small glass of milk. Naruto sat up as he walked over to him.

"Hello Kyuubi." Naruto greeted.

Said demon smiled and placed the tray on the bed close to Naruto. He slipped behind Naruto and wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist, pulling him closer.

"Hello my little mate." he purred into his tanned ear as he reached out to grab the tray and pull it closer. Kyuubi took the chopsticks that were resting on top of the rice balls and snapped them apart. He picked up some ramen noodles and placed them up to his angel's mouth. Naruto happily took the food into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed it. Naruto knew Kyuubi loved and cared for him. He wasn't a sex toy for him; he was a mate and lover.

"Are you still sore love?" Kyuubi asked slightly worried. He hated it when his angel was in pain. He tried to go easy on him when he was making love to him but it was so hard to resist it. He was so hot and tight, hard not to plow in. Kyuubi watched as Naruto swallowed the ramen that he was just given.

"A little, but I'll be fine." Naruto answered cheerfully.

Kyuubi eyed Naruto suspiciously, as he picked up more ramen and held it to the blonde's mouth. Naruto had a nasty habit of hiding his pain. Kyuubi didn't want Naruto to be in pain, not ever. Kyuubi rested his head on Naruto's shoulder and continued to feed his hungry little angel. When the food and milk was gone, Kyuubi placed the tray on the ground and turned his little blonde to face him.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Kyuubi asked, staring into his azure eyes.

"Yes Kyuu, I'm fine! My hips hurt a little but its okay." Naruto reassured him with a smile.

Kyuubi shook his head. His angel shouldn't have any pain whatsoever. He reached out, picked up his little angel, and laid him on the bed, making sure his head was resting comfortably on the ebony pillows. Naruto looked up at him, slightly confused. Seeing the confusion in his blonde's eyes Kyuubi whispered into Naruto's ear, "Let me get rid of that pain my angel."

Naruto blushed but nodded as Kyuubi untied the red sash and parted the clothing. Hissing in happiness at the sight of his angel's delectable body. His tanned body called out to Kyuubi, begging him to ravish the little mate's body. Naruto blushed at the lustful look his mate was giving his body. This was normal though, Kyuubi worshiped Naruto and his body. Always caring and loving him. When Naruto first met Kyuubi, he was horrified but Kyuubi showed him that he would always care for him and keep him safe and well fed. Naruto trusted Kyuubi with his life and heart. Kyuubi was the only one who could break it and Naruto knew he never would.

Kyuubi sat on Naruto's legs, straddling them and he placed his hands on Naruto's hips. He massaged them lightly. Making the tensed up muscles there relax. Naruto moaned softly at the sensation. Kyuubi chuckled as he pressed harder. "Do you enjoy it love?" He asked.

"Ahh…Yes Kyuu, more!" Naruto cried as he wrapped his arms around Kyuubi. Kyuubi smiled and kissed Naruto on the lips. Their tongues mingled in a passionate heat. Kyuubi's hands brushed up Naruto's sides, going for his dusky nipples. Naruto shivered at the contact as Kyuubi brushed over his nipples. Naruto gasped and grinded their erections together. Kyuubi pulled back and started to attack Naruto's neck. Kyuubi tweaked his right nipple as he traveled down, leaving bite marks as a trail. Naruto cried out as Kyuubi flicked his tongue across his nipple.

"Like that angel?" Kyuubi purred as he licked it again.

Naruto moaned louder for a response. Kyuubi chuckled as latched on to his nipple, sucking hard as he twirled a tweaked the neglected one. Naruto was crying out for him, which turned on Kyuubi more. Naruto reached down, untied Kyuubi's black sash, and pushed back the yukata, leaving Kyuubi in pale, silk boxers. Kyuubi ripped off Naruto's, leaving him in the same position. Kyuubi grabbed Naruto's underwear and pushed it down to his ankles where Naruto proceeded to kick it off. Kyuubi slowly dragged his tongue down Naruto's chest to his navel, letting it dip in. As he lowered his head to Naruto's member Kyuubi whispered softly,

"I love you Naruto."

"I-I love you to Kyuubi." Naruto whispered.

Kyuubi smiled as he started to take Naruto in, Naruto cried out as he felt the warm. He so badly wanted to buck into it. Kyuubi held Naruto's hips down, knowing what he would want to do. Then Kyuubi gave a hard suck, Naruto moaned and arched, throwing his hands above his head. Kyuubi smirked at the erotic sight as he wrapped his hand around Naruto's member, pumping it while sucking.

Naruto continued to cry out as his hands flew out to tangle themselves in Kyuubi's hair. Kyuubi sucked harder and hummed in approval. Naruto felt shivers go up his spine. He only felt this around Kyuubi and Kyuubi only. He only felt like this because of him. Naruto cried out again as he felt his orgasm approaching. Kyuubi sucked harder as he felt it happen as well.

"Kyuu!" Naruto cried out as he released his cum into Kyuubi's waiting mouth. Kyuubi greedily swallowed it, enjoying the taste of his lover. Then he pulled his head up and moved his hand from Naruto's hip to under the pillow that cushioned Naruto's head. He wrapped his hand around a small bottle and pulled it out, revealing a bottle of lube. Kyuubi smiled as the panting Naruto and he kissed him on the lips softly. However, it was only soft for a few seconds before Kyuubi's tongue attacked Naruto's mouth. Naruto moaned as he felt himself grow hard again. Kyuubi felt it and pulled back, smirking.

"Do I make you hard by just one kiss angel?" Kyuubi asked lustfully as he opened the bottle and lathered three fingers.

"Yes Kyuu, please take me now, I need you so bad." Naruto pleaded as he tightened his grip on Kyuubi's neck.

Kyuubi smiled and pecked Naruto on the lips. "I shall my love, I shall. But I don't want to hurt you." Kyuubi whispered as he lowered his fingers to Naruto's entrance. He gently pressed one finger in. Naruto cried out and he tightened his grip again, this time crashing his lips with Kyuubi's. Kyuubi purred in approval as he placed in another finger. Naruto broke the kiss to cry out again.

"Haa! Kyuu!"

Kyuubi purred and whispered hotly into Naruto's ear. "You're so hot and tight. Even after five years of doing this, you still are like this. I can't wait to place myself inside you." Naruto blushed and moaned out,

"S-Stop talking a-and f-focus!"

Kyuubi chuckled as he entered the last finger. He moved them around; making sure Naruto was ready for him. Kyuubi pulled his fingers out of Naruto's heat earning a moan of protest from Naruto. Kyuubi placed his hands on Naruto's hips and turned him. Naruto got the hint and got on his hands and knees.

"Kyuu…h-hurry." Naruto panted as Kyuubi lubed up his member. Kyuubi smiled as he positioned himself in front of Naruto's entrance.

"I l-love y-you K-Kyuu." Naruto whimpered as Kyuubi started to push inside.

"I love y-you too angel." Kyuubi whispered as he continued.

Naruto cried out in pain and pleasure as Kyuubi continued to push in. He knew Kyuubi was trying not to ram in without a care. When Kyuubi was fully in, he stopped, waiting for Naruto's cue.

"Move Kyuu." Naruto demanded.

Kyuubi chuckled as he pulled out and started to thrust back in. Keeping his pace slow and careful, hitting different spots every time, searching for Naruto's prostate. After a few thrusts, Naruto cried out as Kyuu hit his prostate dead on. Kyuubi smirked and started to go faster, hitting that spot every time. Naruto kept moaning and crying out. Swearing he saw stars. He felt something tighten inside him as Kyuubi picked up the pace. Soon, the bed was moving a long with Kyuubi's thrusts.

"Kyuu…gonna…cum." Naruto panted as he started to move his hips to his thrusts.

"Cum for me Naruto." Kyuubi purred.

Naruto cried out as he exploded again, this time covering his and Kyuubi's lower regions. Kyuubi felt the walls tightening; he gave a few final thrusts before releasing his deep seed inside Naruto. As soon as that happened, Naruto collapsed and Kyuubi collapsed on top of him. They both panted hard. Kyuubi reached up and wrapped his fingers with Naruto's.

"My angel, you are mine. Mine and mine alone." Kyuubi growled possessively as he pulled out of his lover and collapsed beside him. He gathered Naruto in his arms and gave feather kisses along his face.

"I know Kyuubi, I will always be yours."

"Damn straight."
*Sweatdrops* It's my 1st lemon so go easy on me.

This is for the Anti-NaruHina Super-crack contest ^^
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