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Have A Great Summer by darkwriter66 Have A Great Summer :icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 0 0
Mature content
Mine :icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 21 16
Mature content
NaruSasu: Sorrow :icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 2 1
GaaSaku: Flowers
Gaara sighed as he glared out the window.
The terrain of the sand village wasn't pretty. It was just sand. Nothing special at all.
Or more importantly, no flowers.
His girlfriend Sakura loved flowers. She knew many types of them and could draw them like a pro.
And Gaara wanted to get her flowers. He knew Sakura would love them. But the sand village never had flowers before. So he couldn't.
But lately, he's been getting ideas.
He could manipulate sand. Make it do whatever he pleased. He wondered if he could make sand flowers.
Sure, they wouldn't be perfect, but he really wanted to give Sakura something.
Sakura wasn't a jewelry wearing type of girl. They would easily break on the battlefield. Chocolates? Gaara wasn't that type of guy.
Teddy bears? Nope.
Flowers. Yup.
Gaara was thrown out of his thoughts when a gentle pair of lips were pressed gently against his cheek.
"Good morning to you too Sakura." He greeted with the smallest smile.
Sakura pulled back with a giggle.
She sat in the ch
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 7 0
ItaSaku: Love
Lighting streaked across the sky. Thunder boomed out beats. Rain banged against the hideout.
Inside the hideout were only two people.
Itachi and Sakura.
Sakura had left the village when Sasuke left. She couldn't handle the pain.
She came to the Akatsuki.
They accepted her.
Now a couple years later, Sakura was the healer of the group. She barely went into the line of fire. Only to heal a comrade.
She has changed so to speak.
Now, Itachi and Sakura were alone because the group had to go out on a project but they needed someone to stay there.
Sakura agreed to stay and Itachi was forced just to make sure she wasn't planning something.
Now, Itachi was resting his head on her lap. Wearing his fishnet shirt and black pants. Sakura was wearing a dark purple t-shirt and black pants. Her fingers were gently tracing the frame of his face. His eyes were shut in contentment.
Itachi never understood love. It was confusing to him. Why would someone care so much for one person?
He would have
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 8 1
My heart is filled with pain.
As I stand out here in the rain.
Are the angels crying for me?
With tears shedding free?
Perpetual sadness lies in my soul.
And in my heart lies a hole.
The rain dances across my bare skin.
My sanity is growing thin.
Broken hearted.
I bid my last bid.
I can't give you anymore chances.
Our love barley lasted.
So I said goodbye.
And promised myself I wouldn't cry.
Until you were gone.
Sorry I waited so long.
My heart is filled with pain.
As I stand out here in the rain.
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 0 0
Would You?
Would you?
Have you ever hid your tears?
Have you ever hid your fears?
Do you feel lost?
Like you have to pay the cost?
Where no one gives a care.
Where life isn't fair.
Do you even care?
Would you cry?
If I died?
Would you cheer?
With no fear?
Would you forget me?
Would you leave me?
Lost in the dark.
Where the demons bark.
Would you save me?
Would you set me free?
Would you heal my wounds?
No matter how many moons?
Would you?
Will you?
Have you hid your tears?
Have you hid your fears?
If you felt the way I'd do.
I'd save you.
Would you?
Well would you?
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 1 1
NaruSaku: Cut Chapter 1
Ebony blood dripped down her arm. It wrapped around it like fire. Leaving a crimson streak behind. It filled the small cuts in her skin. But this girl did not cry. This girl showed no pain from the cuts that inhabited on her arms. The warm fluid dripped down the girl's wrist and slid gracefully down her fingertips. Drops of blood slipped off her pale fingers and joined the small pool of blood on the wooden floor. The green-eyed girl released a melancholy smile across her coral lips. A Kunai was held firmly in the girl's bloody hands. Moonlight raided off of her. She was the only light in the small room. Her fuchsia colored bangs covered her pained eyes.
The girl was known as Sakura.
Sakura was cutting herself. The pain needed to disappear. It needed to leave her body.
But the only way she knew to get rid of it. Was to cut.
No one knew about the cutting. And Sakura would make sure that no one knew. If they did they would take away with the only thing that gave her peace. But, there was
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 1 1
NaruSaku: My Angel
My Angel
"Please don't leave me Sakura-Chan!" Naruto yelled as he held Sakura close to him.
"I-I'm sorry N-Naruto." Sakura coughed. Spitting out blood.
It wasn't meant to be like this. It should have never happened. It was killing him. He could no longer protect the cherry blossom he adored the most.
He couldn't do anything besides watch.
What happened?
Well it started like this…
"It's a simple mission really. You two should have no trouble at all." Tsunade said.
Naruto and Sakura were being sent out on a simple mission.
Get the scroll of serenity from the land of water then return home.
Sakura just smiled and thanked,
"Thank you Tsunade-Sama."
Naruto nodded.
"I guess we'll head out tomorrow." Naruto said with a shrug.
"Agreed, now leave!" Tsunade growled.
Naruto and Sakura rolled their eyes and left.
Then the next day Naruto and Sakura met up at the gate.
"Ready?" Sakura asked.
"You bet Sakura-Chan!"
Sakura walked while Naruto, being Naruto, ran.
"Come on Sakura-Chan!!" Naruto ye
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 4 2
NaruSaku: Tears
The moon rose high in the midnight sky.
Tonight was the night.
The night that led to tears and pain. The night that had destroyed Team Seven.
It's the night that Sasuke had left the village.
He had left for power when his two teammates could have helped him gain power he had left with hopes that a man known as Orochimaru would grant him his wishes.
Sasuke had left his one true family.
Naruto and Sakura.
They dreaded this day. The night were Sasuke returns to haunt them. Where all of the struggles they had gone through come to life.
And Naruto couldn't take it.
He was in his room alone. Pictures of the threesome were spread out on the floor. And he was in the middle of his room. His headband was gone.
Tears streamed down Naruto's face.
This was a man of stone. He could never be broken.
But he was broken now.
That damn bastard had caused this. He was crying because he hadn't kept his promise to Sakura. He hadn't brought his brother home.
Naruto needed his brother.
But there was som
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 7 1
Can You?
Can you hear me?
Can you set me free?
Lost in the dark.
Without a soul.
Lost in the cold.
Light can only set me free.
But light can't find me.
Hello can anyone hear me!
Hello can anyone see me!
Tears are falling.
I am bawling.
Help me.
Set me free.
Please hear me!
Hello, can you see me?
Hello, can you hear me?
:icondarkwriter66:darkwriter66 1 2


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ItaNaru :iconluddieieieee:Luddieieieee 74 11





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Well, I decided to tell you guys a bit about myself. My name is Darkie (Not tellin my real name sorry) and i'm 12 years old.
I know, I'm to young to be on here, blah blah blah.
Naruto: You're 12 and you wrote a yaoi?
Me: I got inspired okay! I couldnt help myself!
Anyways, I like Three Days Grace and Skillet my favorite color is black and my hobby is writing.
I can't draw even though my whole family can. My writing sucks but hey, I'm young. Ya gotta cut me a break here.
I live where my heart is.
I support every Naruto couple because I used to like NaruHina and SasuSaku so I understand why people like it. My favorite couple though is NaruSaku.
Alright I'm bored. I'm gonna go write.
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